Pilot Program Results

The partnerships between community, business, and high school have provided students with renewed hope and engagement with their future, as shown by the pilot program which saw:

54% attendance improvement.

92% Seniors enrolled in the program graduated.  

100% Juniors will return and continue with the Career Explore program.  

81% of graduates have a direct career path.

50% will be attending a career-based post secondary program.  

31% will be joining the workforce in  a career with middle level salary potential.

Based on these successes we are expanding the program to twice its current size. 


MAY 23, 2019

Merritt Aluminum came to Fort Lupton Library to sign two of our CE seniors, Elijah Martinez and Victor Venzor, for full time positions.
Congratulations Gentlemen!  You make us Proud!
Thank you Merritt for your partnership and community mindedness.

Fire Dept.jpg


With the help and support of the Fort Lupton Fire Department and Chief Phil Tiffany, we are building an exciting health focused experience which will provide students with opportunities to learn from and with Fort Lupton's fire department.